Baby C 8 Month Session - Whitsett NC
Monday, February 29, 2016
By Aaron Kohns
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I have to admit, blogging is not the easiest thing for me to be consistent at. For the last couple of years I have thrived on photographing and taking care of my clients.  Recently one of my clients pointed out that they wish I shared more of my work so they could see more of what I'm doing on a regular basis, and for inspiration for upcoming sessions of their own. So, this year I am making a commitment to share more of my work across both social media and this blog.

All that to say, if you look back at our blog you'll see one of the only posts from 2015 was baby C's newborn session. Of course he doesn't look too similar anymore! His mom brought him into the studio here in Whitsett and after some indoor photos, we were lucky enough to hit a beautiful day in the middle of winter and visit a nearby park for a different look. C's probably destined to be a serious Baseball player like his father so they brought along his ball and glove. If you're planning a session in the future, take a moment to brainstorm an idea that makes your session more personal to you or your children.

baseball inspired children's portrait

little boy with baseball

8 month old with ball and glove

close up of boy in baseball hat

children session on blue paper

portrait session whitsett north carolina

greensboro north carolina children's photographer

Outdoor portrait of young boy at springwood park

close up of little boy in red sweater on jean quilt

vintage jean quilt session

great expression of baby boy in the outdoors in burlington nc

black and white outdoor portrait in guilford county

park photo shoot at springwood

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